Chlamydia Screening

Chlamydia Screening

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Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease which can lead to infertility as well as testicular infections or pelvic inflammatory disease in women. In about 70% of people it causes no symptoms at all, although it can cause penile or vaginal discharge and pain on passing urine.

Estimates suggest that in the age range of 16-25 years of age 12-14% of people have chlamydia. Rates are so high because of the high numbers of people without symptoms. The only way to protect against transmission of Chlamydia during sex is to use condoms.

Chlamydia is very easily treated and so early detection is very important in reducing risks of complications.

There is a national screening programme for the age group of 16-25, however people outside of this range can have a test by speaking to clinical staff at the surgery or one of the sexual health clinics.

We would advise having regular checks- either yearly or with each change of sexual partner.

Please do collect a screening pack from reception if you are in the screening age. The test is either a urine test or a self taken swab.

*We are pleased to offer a free goody bag for all patients requesting a test during the first few weeks of term*

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