Community services

We are very fortunate to be well supported by various community services providers, and are able to offer the convenience of seeing many of them at the surgery.


Antenatal/pregnancy care

Patients will be looked after by the ‘Scarlett’ community midwife team, as well as your GP and the Rosie (maternity) hospital. Your named midwife is Barbara Taylor. Please bring your pregnancy notes to all of your appointments.

There is a midwifery clinic at the practice on alternate Wednesday afternoons. Alternatively you can be seen at the Fawcett’s children’s centre or at home if indicated. The contact number for the Scarlett team is 01223 349376. A message can be left on this number. Please note this number is not for emergencies. The table below may assist in deciding who to contact during your pregnancy.

Doctor's surgeryEarly Pregnancy Unit
8am-8pm (Mon-Fri)
8.30am-2pm (Sat/Sun)
Triage Clinic 23Delivery UnitRosie Birth Centre
01223 65267101223 21763601223 21721701223 21721701223 217003
Feeling unwell, fever, rashBleeding before 13 weeksReduced movementsPlanned place of birth.Ring for waters breaking, contracting or labour advice.Planned place of birth. Ring if waters have broken after 37 weeks, contracting and for labour advice
Discomfort when passing urineWaters breaking, no contractionsPlanned home birth
Bleeding to 20 weeks when MFAU closedConstant pain
Swelling and discomfort in your calfBleeding after 13 weeks


Child and family/ Health Visiting team

Our health visitors are based at Brookfields Health Centre and can be contacted on 01223 723075.

Health visitors are very experienced and can provide useful advice on common childhood problems. The health visitor team would normally take over from the midwives at around day 10-14 after delivery. They also provide a breast feeding clinic, and routine child health checks.

Please ensure that you bring your child’s ‘red book’ to any appointments with a health professional for pre-school children.



Unfortunately we no longer have a visiting physiotherapist from the MSK service, as they have all been pulled back into a new purpose built unit at the Brookfield site (Mill Road), following the MSK move from Chesterton. You can access physiotherapy by calling physio direct or self referral using the on-line forms. Your GP may refer you to the MSK service for more specialist input. You are also able to speak to a physiotherapist by calling physio direct on 01223 446999 (Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm).

Please note that self help guides for several minor injuries are available on their website. Other links to useful musculoskeletal information are contained in ‘useful stuff’.

MSK service Cambridge

CAMHEALTH Community diabetes service

Our local commissioning group have improved access to community specialist services in the management of Type 2 (and to a lesser extent Type 1) diabetes. We regularly have a visiting Diabetes specialist nurse (Charlotte Jenkins) and a diabetes dietician (Mary Hall), to improve knowledge and clinical outcomes. On a 6 monthly basis we also have the benefit of one of the Diabetes Consultants from Addenbrookes meeting with clinical staff to discuss patients registered at the practice. This enhanced service has been shown to improve care of diabetes compared to ‘usual care’.

North City District Nursing Team

We regularly have the support of this team in the management of housebound patients. Although based at Newnham Walk Surgery, we regularly meet with them at the practice to discuss our patients. A messaging service is available via Reception.

Community Matron Team

The Community matron team provide an additional level of support to the most vulnerable patients, and are very experienced at bringing in additional services to support these usually housebound patients. The GPs would normally refer cases to this team.

NHS Mental Health

We are now visited on 2 days per month by nurses from the Community Mental Health team as part of the PRISM service. All patients referred to the mental health team will be assessed by this service, except in crisis situations.

Patients still have direct access for psychological support as before.

In the event of a crisis, patients can call 111 Option 2 to speak to the First Response Service.


Although not directly employed by our surgery or the NHS, Robert Evans provides counselling at the surgery on Fridays. He is able to offer 6 sessions of counselling, for no charge, to our patients. After these free sessions, he will charge for any additional sessions that you request.




Capital physio

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients access to private physiotherapy at the surgery. We feel this service will complement the NHS physiotherapist who already uses the surgery to see our patients, and will benefit those who would like to be seen earlier than the NHS waiting list allows. The service is available on a Tuesday and Thursday. Capital Physio are a well established physiotherapy company who have been providing a service in Cambridge at a separate location for a number of years. Further details about the service they provide, and a booking service, can be found on their website.


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