We offer a full range of contraceptive services at Bridge Street Medical Centre


Copper IUD and Mirena IUS


If you are considering having a copper or Mirena coil fitted, please make a routine telephone appointment with Dr Harrison to discuss further. 


If you wish to have a copper IUD or Mirena IUS removed, please request a routine face-to-face appointment with Cyndi Kemp, our practice nurse. Please note you should abstain from intercourse for one week prior to coil removal unless you are wishing to become pregnant.


Contraceptive implant (Nexplanon)

We can fit and remove these at the practice - please book a routine phone appointment with Dr Harrison to discuss.


Contraceptive pills

We can issue a range of progestrogen-only pills ('mini-pill') and combined pills after a consultation with any doctor or nurse at the practice. 

Before we can issue a first prescription for the pill we will need to check your blood pressure, height and weight. This means we will need to see you face-to-face for the initial consultation unless you have a BP monitor at home. 

Once you have the contraceptive pill on repeat prescription, we will only need to see you for a pill check once a year, which is carried out by our practice nurse. This can be done by phone if you have your own blood pressure monitor.

All prescriptions for contraception are free on the NHS. 


Contraceptive injection (depot Provera)

Please book a face-to-face appointment with the nurse if you would like this administered.


Emergency contraception

Please book a same-day phone appointment with the nurse if you need emergency contraception. This should be within five days of having had unprotected sex: sooner is better.

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