Emergencies, home visits and Out of Hours


In the event of a potentially life threatening emergencies, (for instance in the event of a severe bleed, chest pain or shortness of breath) during usual opening hours please call the practice number and select the  ‘Emergency’ option. The receptionist will ensure that you speak to the duty doctor as soon as possible. If your call is not an emergency, the receptionist will transfer your call to the reception team.

Alternatively you can call 111 or 999 depending on the severity of the situation. In the Out of Hours period our phones will be transferred through to 111.

Out of hours

**12.5.2017- Please note that OOH services are due to relocate from Chesterton to a clinic within Addenbrookes Hospital. You will be notified where to go if an appointment is offered to you**

In the out of hours period our phones are transferred through to 111 who will triage your call and where appropriate will arrange for you to be contacted by the Out Of Hours GP service. You may be invited to base for an assessment, or where appropriate a home visit may be organised. This service is designed for emergencies which cannot wait for the surgery to open.

The current Out of Hours provider is Herts Urgent Care. The Cambridge base is in Union Lanhuce, Chesterton. This is not a drop-in centre, and can only be accessed via calling 111. Most GPs working for HUC are local GPs. With your consent, HUC clinician’s can access your clinical record. This will enable an improved and safer consultation, as the doctor/nurse can take into account your past medical history, medication history, care plans and alerts (such as allergies).

HUC also provide a GP at Addenbrookes A+E during peak times. This is to ensure that patients who turn up to A+E with a condition best managed by a GP, are seen promptly and appropriately. This service hopefully reduces long waits in A+E and allows the Emergency doctors to see more urgent cases.

If you do not consider your condition to be life-threatening, please call 111 to ensure that you are seen in the most appropriate location, with the minimum of waiting.

Home visits

Please be advised that home visits are intended for those too unwell or frail to come to the surgery. It will be up to the duty doctor, or usual doctor, to decide if a home visit is appropriate. Urgent visits will be discussed with the duty doctor first, as a more appropriate course of action may be considered before a GP visit. For instance it may be more appropriate for a visit from the district nursing team rather than a GP visit.

Assessment at the surgery is preferable as it allows for a better clinical environment and  access to further diagnostic equipment where required. It also takes considerably longer to visit a patient at home than to see them at the surgery which may prevent other patients seeing a doctor.
If you feel that a visit is necessary, please contact the surgery as early as possible so that the visit can be planned appropriately.

Please remember other sources of accessing help and advice particularly when the surgery is closed. The CCG Choose well website has useful links for the self-management of common problems, and you can speak to your local pharmacist for advice.



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