Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions refers to medication which your doctor has agreed can be requested on a repeat basis without a need to see or speak to a doctor each time.

Your prescription will be reviewed on a regular basis- the review date will appear on your re-order form.

Please DO NOT send prescription requests to

You may re-order your repeat prescriptions in the following ways:

  • Online- An account and password to use this system, can be provided by the reception staff¬†¬† REQUEST MEDICATION
  • In person by completing a written request at reception
  • By post
  • Some pharmacies can request on your behalf. Please ensure that they only request medication that you need.


Please remember that it will take 2 working days to process your request. Therefore please plan ahead when requesting repeat medication, so that you do not run out of essential items. As an example, if you hand in your written request on Monday, you can expect to collect your prescription on the Thursday.

Collecting your prescriptions

  • Collecting at Reception- please try and avoid the peak times of between 08.30 and 10.00
  • We can only post prescriptions to you if you supply us with stamped addressed envelopes. We do not routinely fax prescriptions.
  • Some central pharmacies collect prescriptions from us- please discuss your needs with reception.
  • Introduced late in 2015, we are very pleased to announce the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), whereby your prescription is automatically and instantly sent to the pharmacy of your choice- at present this is limited to any pharmacy within ENGLAND only. You may update your chosen pharmacy either in the practice or in the pharmacy

The EPS is particularly useful if you find yourself away from Cambridge and without your medication. By providing a postcode, we can send a prescription to your nearest pharmacy- even in an airport!

Some final pleas!

Please remember to order well in advance of Public Holidays to prevent unnecessary calls to the OUT of Hours Service for emergency supplies of medicines.

Please provide full and complete details of your medication requests to enable us to identify which drugs you are requesting. Using the re-order slip on the right hand side of your prescription is preferable

Please note that if your review date is not up to date, it is likely that you will be called in for review.

The practice does not hold and is unable to dispose of Controlled Drugs. Please take any unwanted medication to your usual pharmacy.