How to register at Bridge Street Medical Centre
We accept all Cambridge residents including students into the practice. If you are eligible for NHS care this is free at the point of access. If you are not eligible for NHS care, or if you require a service that is not funded by the NHS, there may be a fee.


**Our list is currently open to new registrations**


If you are ordinarily resident in the UK and are already registered within the NHS:
If you live within the practice area as outlined on the map below, we would be happy to accept you as a patient at the surgery.
You will need to:

  • Bring in your NHS card (or you can fill in a NHS registration form)
  • Complete a practice registration form (see below)
  • Complete a Summary Care Record form
  • Complete an alcohol questionnaire

Once registered you will have the choice of which doctor you see. If you are moving to Cambridge please inform of us of the date that you become resident.

If you are registering a child, we would ask that that the mother is a current patient or is registering at the same time. Please bring the relevant documentation if registering a new-born baby. If your child has had immunisations outside of the UK, please bring relevant records if available.

Registration forms

The following forms may help you with your registration. Please download and complete them and bring them to the surgery to register:

View down All Saints Passage


Standard Registration form

Child Registration form

NHS Registration form (complete even if you do not have an NHS number)

Alcohol Screening Questionnaire (all new registrations to complete)

Summary Care Record form (all new Registrations to complete)




If you are new to the University we would be delighted to take care of your health.

Please complete the forms highlighted in red above before you arrive and email them to us with a selfie of you and your ID to

We will then register you as a patient.



Temporary patients

If you are a visitor to the area, already registered as an NHS patient and staying within our practice area, we can see you as a temporary patient for immediately necessary treatment.

Please note that where urgent prescriptions are required, you should contact your surgery (if within England) and a script could be sent electronically to a pharmacy in Cambridge.

Overseas visitors or those who have never been registered with the NHS

If you are from overseas, and are not eligible for NHS care, we are still happy to see you for medical care but there may be a standard charge. Please ask at Reception for a list of our charges. We would expect to see an EHIC card if you are resident within the European Community are accessing treatment.

Our Reception team will be able to assist you with establishing your eligibility for treatment within the NHS.

Approximate practice area- please contact reception if you wish to check if your address falls within our area

practice area