Request a sick note (fit note, or Med3 certificate)




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First seven days of an illness

For the first seven days (including weekends) of any illness you do not require any form of certification or sick note from the GP and should not be asked to provide one.

This is government guidance and employers should be aware of this legislation.

If you need an official form for your employer you can fill out an SC2 self-certification form here on the HMRC Website.


Illness lasting more than seven days

If your illness or condition has lasted for more than seven days we may be able to issue a fit note in the form of a Med3 certificate (previously known as a sick note). Fit notes are also sometimes called doctor's notes, medical certificates; they act as a document to confirm that you have been unwell or unfit and either cannot work at all, or can work with modifications, amendments or adaptations.

We can only issue these if you have seen a clinician for your illness and we have documentation of this; or if you are already in possession of a fit note and need an extension. You must have been assessed by a clinician in order to assess your fitness for work, as per government guidance. If you have not been seen by a clinician and have no documentation then we cannot issue a Med3 under any circumstances.   

Please book a routine telephone appointment with your usual GP if you wish to discuss anything further. The duty doctor cannot deal with enquiries around Fit Notes.  

Please Note: if you need a Fit Note after an operation in either an NHS or a private hospital it is the hospital’s responsibility to provide you with this, please contact them directly to arrange this as we cannot provide a Med3 in these circumstances (as we will not have assessed you clinically).


Request a fit/sick note (Med3)

Please fill out this form if you have had an illness or condition lasting more than seven days for which you would like to request a Med3 certificate; or if you are wishing to extend an existing Med3 certificate. 

We will need to have consulted with you about the illness and its impact on your work, or be able to see evidence on your medical records that confirms another clinician has consulted with you about your illness and its impact on your work. Med3 notes cannot be future-dated; they can be back-dated so it is never necessary to use an emergency appointment to consult about a fit note.  

This form will be submitted to your usual GP. Our target turnaround time is four working days. You will either receive your requested Med3 as a certificate (sent as an attachment via text message) or you will receive a text message explaining if we are unable to help.



Charges for fit notes

There is usually no charge for providing a fit note if you are off sick for more than seven days.

Some employers may request a letter (e.g. from employees who repeatedly take time off sick) even if they are off work for seven days or less. This is a private non-NHS medical certificate.

For sickness of seven days or less, a charge is payable in order for us to provide a certificate.