Social Prescribing




As part of our team at the surgery, we have a Social Prescriber / Link Worker.

Many things in life can affect your health and wellbeing. Many people visit their GP surgery feeling isolated, lonely or worried about work, money, housing, being a carer or other issues that can affect us day to day.

Most of these are things that cannot be "fixed" by GPs or medicine alone.


There is not 'a pill for every ill’

Simon Stevens, former NHS Chief


Social Prescribing offers the kind of help that focuses on you and what is important to YOU. The support is there to help connect you to local community services and support networks to help you have more control over your health and wellbeing.

Our Social Prescriber can support and sign-post you to support within the community and nationally, in areas such as:

  • Housing
  • Benefits Assistance and Finance
  • Counselling, therapy groups, bereavement support and specific peer support groups
  • Art and creative activities
  • Exercise – yoga, meditation, dance, running, walking, gyms, chair based exercises and more
  • Training, Employment and Volunteering
  • Other activities – singing, social groups, gardening and more
  • Supporting independence and home adaptions

For more information about Social Prescribing, please click HERE

To watch a brief video on Social Prescribing, please click HERE

To learn more about how personalised care is evolving, please see the infographic below, developed by the Personalised Care Strategic Coproduction Group at NHSEI Personalised Care.


Patients can self-refer for a Social Prescribing appointment by contacting us using the details below:

Bridge Street Medical Centre
2 All Saints Passage
Tel: 01223 652 671

Image depicting the shift in personalised care