Travel Vaccinations 




We are pleased to provide a comprehensive travel health service to our patients. This is provided by our Practice Nurse team.

Foreign travel is increasingly popular and it is easy to forget that there are many potential risks to our health when we travel abroad. These risks include disease, but also extend to issues of personal safety and political hazards. It is important to obtain professional guidance regarding health precautions and vaccinations prior to travel.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, whether you are visiting family or friends, or you are a student planning ‘gap year’ travel, we can provide travel advice suited to your needs.

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Our nurses provide professional and individual travel advice following a comprehensive risk assessment. This takes into consideration any pre existing medical conditions, current medications, or ongoing treatment, together with your destination, planned itinerary and activities.

Travellers to Malaria endemic countries are at real risk of contracting this most important tropical parasitic disease which kills millions around the world. It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to transmit the disease to a human. We also offer private prescriptions for anti-malarial medication.

If you require any advice relating to foreign travel you should telephone the surgery to book a travel appointment with a nurse. It is important that you do this at least 6 weeks before you travel.  When you come in for your appointment it is helpful if you could bring a record of any previous vaccinations you have had, and complete a travel itinerary on the form below if at all possible. Don’t worry if you dont have this information as we will still be able to help you.

The Fit For Travel website may help you plan your travel health needs 

For ‘last minute travellers’ we will still endeavour to see you before you travel but cannot guarantee that you will be fully vaccinated prior to your trip.

Please note that some vaccinations and all anti-malarial medications are not available from the NHS and a fee will need to be paid. Please see the current schedule of fees for travel vaccines.

Please fill out our Travel Questionnaire before you travel.


Travel Vaccine Price List

Vaccination against


Cost to patient
(per item)

Cost to patient
(full course)

Chicken Pox Course of 2 injections £60.00 £120.00
Cholera Course of 2 doses (oral solution) £40.00 £80.00
Hepatitis A Course of 2 injections (Adult or Junior) Free Free
Hepatitis A Booster Free Free
Hepatitis B Course of 3 injections £50.00 £150.00
Hepatitis B (Confirmation) Confirmation blood test & results print-out £30.00 £30.00
Hepatitis B (Booster) 1 injection £50.00 £50.00
Japanese Encephalitis Course of 2 injections £90.00 £180.00
Malaria Private prescription
(patient to collect prescription and then purchase tablets from a pharmacy)
£17.50 £17.50
Meningitis ACWY 1 injection £70.00 £70.00
Rabies Course of 3 injections £60.00 £180.00
Tetanus, Diptheria & Polio 1 injection Free Free
Tetanus, Diptheria & Polio (Booster) NHS patients Free Free
Tetanus, Diptheria & Polio (Booster) Non-NHS patients / needed for Travel £40.00 £40.00
Tick-born Encephalitis Course of 3 injections £65.00 £195.00
Typhoid 1 injection Free Free
Yellow Fever Stamaril live + certificate £65.00 £65.00
Yellow Fever Re-issue certificate (if vaccine given here previously) £17.50 £17.50