Treatment room services

Most of the following services are provided by the nursing team, which consists of the practice nurses or health care assistants. If a patient is house bound the district nursing team or community phlebotomy services will provide similar services.

Cervical smearsUsually performed every 3 years for females from 25-64, more frequently if not entirely normal. Usually done by the practice nurses. Please note testing is controlled by the national screening service, and out of screening tests are rejected by the lab. You will normally be reminded when your test is due, by the screening service.
Ear syringingThe nurses are able to syringe ears which are blocked by wax. We would normally expect at least a week's treatment with an over the counter wax clearing agent (such as olive oil drops) before attempting to syringe the ears. Please arrange a nurse appointment if you think your ears are blocked with wax.
Smoking cessationUsually run by the HCA. Smoking cessation clinics can double your chances of quitting in the long term by the provision of aids such as nicotine replacement. Alternative options include using CAMQUIT
Phlebotomy (taking of blood for testing)HCA/Nurse. Normally this service provides a convenient means of having blood tests as requested by the clinical team. As we are currently short 1 nurse, we may advise arranging blood tests through alternative services. These may include the phlebotomy service in Addenbrookes main outpatients, or else at SAINSBURYS (Coldhams Lane).
Dressings/suture removalsThese will be arranged as required. This may need coordination with other community services such as the district nursing team
Catheter changesWill normally be arranged in conjunction with the hospital or community continence team.
Minor surgeryDrs Bakker/Taylor perform minor surgery approximately once per month. Typical procedures include removing symptomatic lumps or bumps, taking biopsies, operating on ingrowing toenails or doing joint injections. These procedures will need to be recommended by one of the clinical team.
Contraceptive servicesA full range of contraceptive services are available at the surgery (less sterilisation which would be arranged elsewhere). Dr O'Sullivan can insert coils and implants. All the doctors can advise on and prescribe alternative options. Please see 'Useful links' for further information on contraceptive options.
Other testsECGs, spirometry, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring are all available on request from your usual doctor.
Vaccinations/immunisations and injections.Immunisations are available as per the national immunisation programme. Other vaccinations may be available on a private basis. Th enursing team can also perform injections as prescribed by the doctors. For contraception see above. For Travel immunisations see the travel health page.

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