Clinics and Services




We are pleased to offer the following services at BSMC

Cervical smears The UK cervical smear programme offers a cervical smear every 3 years for females aged 25-64, more frequently if you have ever had an abnormal result. If you have received a notification from the national screening service that you are due for a smear, please book an appointment with our nurse Cyndi Kemp. Please note testing is controlled by the national screening service, which means we cannot request tests unless they are due.
Smoking cessation This clinic is run by our Nurse and HCA team. Smoking cessation clinics can double your chances of quitting in the long term by the provision of aids such as nicotine replacement.
Phlebotomy (taking of blood for testing)

Our HCA and nurse provide phlebotomy services. They can only carry out blood tests that have been requested by the doctors, so please do ensure you have spoken with a GP before arranging your blood test appointment.

We do also carry out blood tests that have been requested by your hospital specialist. Please do check with reception before booking in for these, to ensure that the hospital has let us know which tests are required and that they are tests that we are able to carry out in the community. 

Dressings/suture removals Arranged as required, often in coordination with other community services such as the district nursing team
Catheter changes Arranged in conjunction with the hospital or community continence team.
Minor surgery Dr Banerjee and Dr Amphlett perform minor surgery approximately once per month (although we have had to hold our minor surgery clinics during Covid-19). Typical procedures include removing symptomatic lumps or bumps, taking biopsies, operating on ingrowing toenails or doing joint injections. Please discuss with one of the GPs - ideally Dr Banerjee or Dr Amphlett - before booking for any procedures.
Contraceptive services

A full range of contraceptive services are available from the surgery (with the exception of sterilisation).

Dr Harrison inserts coils and implants at the practice, please book a routine appointment with her to discuss, and see the page on contraception. All the doctors can advise on and prescribe alternative options. 

If you would like your coil removed, please book a routine appointment with practice nurse Cyndi Kemp. Please note you should abstain from intercourse for one week prior to the removal of a copper coil if you are not wishing to become pregnant.

For depot contraceptive injection, please book with practice nurse Cyndi Kemp.

Vaccinations/immunisations and injections. Immunisations are available as per the national immunisation programme. Other vaccinations may be available on a private basis. The enursing team can also perform injections as prescribed by the doctors. For Travel immunisations see the travel health page.